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Regional Distribution
National Distribution

investing in the national distribution of construction related products

The National Distribution business unit models itself on the core competencies developed over the years to launch unique products and solutions that need a channel to access the North American markets. Products can be technical and functional in nature as well as being very design oriented. What all products have in common, though, is their ability to satisfy the very challenging issues the designer or architect face every day.

This unit uses a variety of different networks, and distribution avenues, whichever is best suited to the product and its launch objectives, to insure successful introduction into the market. This may include partnering with the best distributors who bring value by creating a need for the product and exposing it to the specification community. The Distributor then teams dedicated sales agents with contractors who have the expertise to install the product in question. Every market and product are different and this CDM unit works with each client company as one having special needs.

CDM’s legacy of quality installations, full service distribution and excellence in manufacturing is all manifested in this business unit that is constantly searching for products that can bring new ideas or concepts to the construction industry.