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Our commitment to safety truly sets us apart in our industry. With a very low Experience Rating of .76 you can see why we have become one of the leaders of safety in the construction industry.

We understand that establishment and maintenance of a safe environment is the shared responsibility between management and employees. Together, we make every reasonable effort toward achieving the goal of accident prevention and health preservation.

Our formal safety program is designed to protect our employees from harm through education, awareness, involvement, and accountability. Each location has a dedicated full-time Safety Director who is responsible for ensuring that we maintain a work environment that protects our employees, other workers, and the general public from injury.

Career development through training


The investment of developing employees is a critical factor in the on-going success of the companies.

Providing employees the tools they need to be successful includes more than just the tools of the trade. The CDM Investment Group demonstrates a commitment to the Personal and Professional growth of its employees by the wide variety of educational resources it provides. Employees enjoy the opportunities to participate in weekly on the job training programs showcasing best practices in multiple trades, career development programs, diversity training, QUEST (TQM) and technology programs.

This commitment to career development has resulted in engaged employees that take pride in their work and participating in a job well done. Employees successfully move in a career path that is both challenging and rewarding.